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the stone vortex - vinyl

Order now!!! Limited edition of 40 black/purple marbled, 60 purple and 100 black vinyls. Recorded at Studio Underjord mixed and engineered by Joona Hassinen. Six songs 39:48 playtime. Music spanning from dreamy doom to heavy metal and back again. 
"Eyes Of The Oak's "The Stone Vortex" is one of those albums that seemingly comes out of nowhere and then precedes to just blow you away from minute one, an album that ticks all the right boxes plus those boxes you didn't realise even needed ticking. Sweden has given us some great bands over the years and Eyes OF The Oak are another to add to that list."... Read full review at: Desert Psychlist

Dreamy doom, heavy stoner from the oak woods of Sörmland SWEDEN. 

Upcoming gigs


Henhouse MC - Katrineholm SE.

Klubb Fredagsmangel
- Stockholm SE.
Support: Kråkslott

More gigs will be announced soon...

Past gigs:

2024.01.26 Supporting: Håndgemeng (NO) + Goatriders (Platens Bar - Linköping SE)
2024.01.05 Support: Psychedelic Witchcult (Unrootables MC - Katrineholm SE)
2023.08.26 (Laven MC - Slölding SE)
2023.06.21 Support: Tears of the Fatman (Unrootables MC - Katrineholm SE)

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